The history of Michele Letizia begins in 1969, when the company was founded to produce stretch bands mainly for lingerie. At that time, our annual production of 8 milion meters was sold entirely in Italy. As a result, based on a strategy of vertical integration, using modern technologies and advanced systems and quality control, the company has steadily grown until it assumed a prominent position at the European level . Along with a strategy of technological innovation, the company has also developed a diversified sales network that has a subsidiary in Poland and a network of agents in Italy and Europe Today the company has reached more than 100 million meters and an export share of over 35% . Great attention is paid to products INNOVATION and FLEXIBILITY to fit different market requirements, in terms of service and quality. Maximum attention to all “SAFETY RULES “at work and priority given to “ENVIRONMENT RESPECT” are at the top of our priorities every day.

Our Ranges:

  • Elastic bands for lingerie , corsetry and swimwear;
  • Elastics for Seamless and Sportswear;
  • Jacquard Bands for Women and Men collections
  • Laces with silicon for Hosiery
  • Silicon Facilities