Vertical integration

MICHELE LETIZIA SPA is vertically integrated; 100% of the manufacturing processes take place in Cerano (NO), Italy.
This organization is a key asset for us to face the great variety of our customer requirements with promptness and efficiency.

Raw materials

We pay a great attention to the choice of our suppliers, selected on their capacity to keep up with our quality and service requirements, supplying all the necessary certifications.
In the yarn field in particular, we chose a limited number of quality partners able to meet our needs.

Yarn transformation

By means of continuous and planned investments, MICHELE LETIZIA has a modern equipment plant, both for elastomer coverage and for the preparation of the elements reserved for the loom.
This internal organization allows us to maintain high quality standards over time. We can quickly meet our customer needs, for a new development, a product personalization, or in facing unexpected and substantial requests on the market.


Our qualified staff ensures the precision needed through the various manufacturing steps. Our soundproof weaving departments are electronically controlled. Temperature and humidity are kept at a constant level in order to guarantee high quality standards.

  • Weawing Narrow’s Machines
    More than 160 looms (including 20 dedicated to the Jacquard technology) produce thousands of meters a day to supply lingerie, men underwear and sport textile fields. The production cycles vary according to our customer requests and the market trends.

  • Crochet
    Our large industrial park of machines allows us to satisfy the more demanding customers for women underwear, especially for stocking tops that place us at top level in terms of production quality and quantity.
    A lot of flexibility is given to the production in order to react quickly to the various requests of our commercial partners.

The dye house

Michele Letizia SpA is committed to improve constantly the dyeing processes. Our continuous dyeing system relies on high-technology machines, as well as on a monitored sewage treatment plant to guarantee the highest security level of the antipollution norms. From sampling to industrial batches, we dye all sorts of orders using products in compliance with the OekoTex and Reach standards.


Our department dedicated to finishings has a modern silicone coating machine for underwear and sport textile fields as well as a heat transfer-printing machine. These techniques, realized on our production site in Cerano, give us the possibility to add technical or decorative effects to our products.

Quality control

Our quality control laboratory checks out our products through all the manufacturing process. Numerous machines and specific tools are used to make sure that the mechanical and chemical values of our products are in accordance with our standards. We also adapt our quality control chart to our customer requirements, setting up personalized tests to comply with their quality standards.


We give support to our partners with packaging, offering them the most fitted solution according to the product: classic or special bobbins, various systems of bulk packaging, etc… By means of specific machines, we can supply the stocking tops already made to measure.