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    The history of Michele Letizia spa begins in 1969, with the first production of needle looms and raschel laces.
    After years of growth and huge investments in its headquarter in Cerano (NO), the company, starting from the nineties, began to offer a multi-business production of elastic, laces and fabrics for corsetry and underwear.
    In the early 2000s, its main focus turned out to be the core business of narrow fabrics, thanks to a vertical production cycle that started from the yarn and ended with the dyed and packed elastics.
    Today the company, with a production area of 25.000 square metres, is a European leader in the production of elastic ribbons for corsetry, underwear and hosiery, producing about 100 million meters a year, with an export share of 40%.
    The spirit of internationalization that has always characterized the company mission, strenghtened in 1998 thanks also to the opening of a commercial branch in Poland, which was then turned into a productive one in 2007, for the dyeing and packaging phases.
    The continuous renewal of plants and machineries, as well as the training of workers and technicians, are more and more highlighted. These investments allow to take care of the costumers in the best possible way, obtaining advantages in terms of innovation, competitiveness, energy, efficiency, safety of workers and respect for the environment.
    The dyeing department, the pride of the company, is able to meet any need in temrs of colors and finishing, with quick deliveries and certified quality.
    The entire production cycle supports the concept of design and quality together with that of costumer service and satisfaction, confirming for fifty years till now the reliability and the prestige of the brand
  • Raw materials

    Particular attention is given to the choice of our suppliers, who are asked to respond to quality requirements and grant high quality service;
    they are also required to provide all the certifications necessary to satisfy the most wanted production and commercial needs.
  • Yarn preparation

    Thanks to constant and planned investments, MICHELE LETIZIA has at its disposal a technologically advanced equipment, both for covering the elastomers and warping the yarns that will be used to set the looms for the production.

    This internal organization enables us to keep a high-quality standard and a considerable flexibility, which is essential to respond to development requests and product customizations as well as to urgent customers’ requirements in short time.
  • WEAVING department

    More than 160 looms (of which 20 jacquard looms) product thousands of meters every day, for the most important manufacturers of underwear and sportwear for men and women all over the world.

    Moreover, our weaving departments are controlled through a telematic system, fully soundproofed and maintained at a constant level of temperature and humidity, granting high quality level of production standards.
    The production is organized in shift work, in order to adapt to the market requirements.
  • Crochet department

    The wide and modern range of machines of our crochet department allows us to satisfy the most demanding enquiries coming from Underwear and Hosiery industries.

    Thanks to modern technologies, we grant flexibility and speed, maintaining the high and constant quality level that always characterizes our wide offer of products.
  • dye house

    Our dying department, characterized by high- tech continuous dyeing machines, places our company at the top of the industry, both in Italy and in Europe. We can dye small sample lots as well as industrial batches, using products which are in compliance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and REACH regulations.
    Our Polish Branch has continuous machinery, too, assuring the same qualitative and productive levels.

    The whole dying process is done internally, and the machinery is equipped with purification plants that are constantly monitored, in order to ensure that the highest safety standards are applied, in compliance with anti-pollution norms and environmental respect.
  • Special Finishing

    Silicon. Our finishing department has modern machines, both for single-component and bi-component silicon, with application possibilities in the hosiery, underwear and sportwear industries.

    Paper Print. A Sublimation printing machine is also available.

    Both process facilities are integrated in our Cerano plant.
  • Quality control

    Our Quality department is able to monitor all stages of our production process; internal controls and customized certifications are agreed with our customers.

    Our laboratory is equipped with a wide range of specific machines, designed to measure the mechanical and chemical standards of our products.
  • Flexibility and environment

    Innovation and flexibility are our main goals, that we constantly pursue to satisfy the market demands, which are varied in terms of service and quality.

    A very great deal of priority is given to WORKPLACE SAFETY RULES and to ENVIRONMELTAL RESPECT.
  • Packaging

    Different kinds of packaging are offered to our customers, proving them with the most suitable solutions for the chosen elastic bands – stacked in layers in boxes or packed in rolls.

    We can also supply cut to size silicon laces to our hosiery customers, thanks to a specific slitting machine.



    • Elastic bands for lingerie
    • Corsetry and swimwear
    • Elastics for Seamless and Sportswear
    • Jacquard Bands for Women and Men collections
    • Laces with silicon for Hosiery
    • Silicon Facilities